I can put push button keyless on just about anything!

Want to go key-less?

I can put push button key-less ignition on just about any thing including Cars, Trucks, Powersports Vehicles, Boats, Golf Carts, Tractors and more!

Key-Less Options



  Now every Off-Road enthusiast can enjoy the unparalleled convenience and security of the latest in Keyless ignition technology. Now you can operate your ATV, UTV with just the touch of a button! The HOT BUTTON can be added to any 12-volt ATV or UTV. Using advanced RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) just like that found on world’s finest luxury vehicles, the HOT BUTTON completely eliminates your ignition key switch and provides high security protection against theft! RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the wireless authentication technology that is rapidly transforming the world into a completely “Keyless” society. The HOT BUTTON uses the same high security & convenience technology found on today’s most advanced luxury vehicles to provide you the ultimate in convenience and protection for your vehicle. Simply carry the systems RFID HOT Tag Key fob with you, as you approach you boat, the HOT BUTTON control module will authenticate the digital serial number of your HOT Tag; authorize your ignition system, then with just a push of the systems start button your engine roars to life! No more fumbling with keys. Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID Dawg tags with you. As you approach your vehicle, the HOT BUTTON verifies your identity, authorizes your ignition and with just the “Push of a Button” your engine roars to life! When you’re done riding, another push turns your engine off, and you just walk away. The HOT BUTTON automatically arms, and your entire ignition is immobilized. The HOT BUTTON HOT Tag Fobs are plated in a thick layer of chrome and are not only beautiful, but fully waterproof as well! The systems Start Button also has an IP68 waterproof rating and is made of brushed stainless-steel start with a blue “halo” LED that informs you of system status. Now you can lose your keys for good and enjoy the freedom of being completely keyless! Losing Your Keys Never Felt So Good!  





  • Designed for Harsh, Wet Off-Road      Environments
  • Waterproof Billet Start Button      / IP69 rated
  • Dual Mode RFID Transmitters      provide both Manual & Automatic operation
  • Simple Installation
  • Emergency Bypass Code assures      starting even if you lose your RFID Transmitter.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Revolutionary RFID M-Tag

The M-Tag provides completely keyless operation of your Boats Ignition. It automatically transmits its unique authorization code as you come into proximity of the HOT BUTTON reader module. Just push your start Button and Go! M-Tags heavy plated chrome housing makes it both beautiful and rugged. Can be set to operate either in Automatic Mode or Manual Mode.Tags are 100% waterproof and specifically designed for Marine applications.

Powerful Protection

The HOT BUTTON uses the latest advances in RFID technology to deliver a level of security even better than many OEM keyless systems. Each HOT Tag is completely unique, one of over 6 billion different codes.

Start Button with LED Status Indicator

The HOT BUTTON comes with a 22mm Billet style Start Button Switch, Made of top quality stainless steel, this heavy duty cycle switch has an attractive “soft brushed” finish and carries a IP69 water proof rating An Illuminated halo LED ring indicates system operation status. Start Buttons are available in 3 LED colors; RED, BLUE or GREEN. Switches are pre-wired to a 36″ plug in harness.

Emergency Bypass Code

Each HOT BUTTON system has a user programmable Bypass Code. Should you ever lose or damage your HOT Tag, you can still start your engine by simply entering your unique bypass code via the systems start button.


Plug N Play Harnesses


Easy Installation

The KIM-P is proudly made in the USA and custom engineered for complete Plug-N-Play installation. With no wires to cut or splice, installation is a breeze. Our innovative Plug-N-Play harness uses factory connectors to interface with your bike Ignition system. Even if you have no installation experience, you can easily add this exciting accessory to your motorcycle in under an hour. Simply plug the KIM-P harness into to your existing factory connectors and you’re ready to go! 

Plug N Play Harness List

Hot-Button-Harness-list (pdf)